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The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle

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The hallowed ones

Postby Faezragore В» 14.04.2020


View Book Info Page. Genre: Horror , Young Adult. Theme: Amish , Vampire. Katie is looking forward to experiencing this with her crush, Elijah, a young man that she suspects she will marry when they eventually return to the Amish community. She wants to do things like see a movie, drink a Coca-Cola and read Wonder Woman comics.

As they talk they notice a medical helicopter flying too low overhead and watch as it crashes into the field. Parsall tries to reach emergency services on her cellphone, but finds the number to be busy. Some large scale event is taking place, but living without technology and isolated from the rest of the world, Katie and her community have missed the short window in which they might have found out what that event was.

One plot hole that did bother me was that Mrs. In town they find buildings and cars abandoned, some of the cars burned or left on the highway as if their owners suddenly fled. There is no sign of life. The scariest part of The Hallowed Ones is the unknown—what happened to the outside world and will it invade the Amish community?

Eventually we do get details as to what happened, but the build up is slow and terrifying. At one point Katie sees an unfamiliar horse running through their field and stops it.

They turn inward, rejecting any contact with the outside world and becoming even more conservative in their faith, which adds another layer of fear to the novel. When they find a young man unconscious and bleeding outside their fence line, the Elders decide to leave him there to die—a choice Katie feels is morally unconscionable.

She rescues the young man and hides him in her barn, aware that if she is found with him she could be banished. As her community grows more afraid, members become more conservative in their beliefs. Elijah decides to skip Rumspringa and become baptized into the church, expecting Katie to do the same and then marry him immediately. He becomes controlling and frightening to Katie. So we have lots of layers of horror here that are playing wonderfully into each other.

Invasion of the Lizard People? The only clues we have to this mystery are what Katie is able to glean from her brief, secret trips into town mostly to find supplies and from the limited information Mrs. Parsall is able to provide via her cellphone. Then we have the fear of a community becoming even more insular and reacting to an outside threat in ways that limit the freedoms of its members. Katie is being pressured to marry Elijah quickly something her parents would not have stood for before, but now pressure her to do.

Anyone who goes outside the fence line will be banished. Small infractions that would normally be overlooked are suddenly serious offenses. Katie is fighting the competing tensions of a deadly outside world and a heavily restricted inside one.

Katie does not feel safe in either place. And by hiding the young man she found, Alex, Katie risks being thrown out of her community and into a world she knows is plagued by something deadly. Eventually when the threat from outside infiltrates the Amish community, the Elders react with paranoia understandable and judgement less so and the community begins to turn on itself. Like way scarier than I expected a YA book to be. I had dreams about it. Aside from all the creepy AF goodness, I really loved Katie as a character.

As I mentioned before, Katie sneaks into town for supplies. In one telling scene she raids an abandoned pharmacy for antibiotics and first aid supplies, knowing they will be needed and believing the good of having them will outweigh the transgression of sneaking outside. She also leaves the money she has on the abandoned pharmacy counter, believing that just taking the supplies would be akin to stealing.

She navigates a precarious place of adhering the values she was raised with and knowing she needs to be flexible if she and her family are to survive. I really loved The Hallowed Ones. The only reason I gave this book an A- is that I struggled to believe Mrs.

If you like scary books, definitely check this one out. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We also may use affiliate links in our posts, as well. I only knew one or two people with smart phones while I was in college, which was so when the book was being written.

Smart phones were transitioning away from being a luxury, but people still had their flip phones or blackberries. Personally, I first owned a smart phone in a hand-me-down from my mother , but even then paying for data was too expensive.

Thank you for the great review. This sounds like an awesome book. Added it to my TBR list. So such luddites really exist in too. There are LOTS of places in the world where mobile reception is adequate to make a phone call but not to get internet reception. I only got one a few years later when my flip phone eventually died, and I know a lot of other people in the same boat.

Heck, my boss still has his same old flip phone. So Mrs. Ooh, I just checked and I bought this book back in Great job, Elyse. I worked in customer service for one of the Big 4 cell phone providers , and we definitely had a sizable non-smartphone-having customer segment. But yeah this book sounds amazing, grabbing it on Overdrive now! Sounds interesting. Yes this does piss me off majorly, I live in a suburb in the Greater Mancheter area, and I had better reption in a small town in rural Devon recently.

This sounds fascinating but is definitely not a book for me. Thanks for the comprehensive review, Elyse. Thank you for this review. Such a weird time the last 30 years because I love my iPhone now. Even today I know several people who have, out of choice, happily kept using their flip phones. I read this a year or two ago and really enjoyed it. Well, joke was on me, because once I got hooked on this story I did not want to put it down and it came home with me a few times so I could keep reading it.

The suspense! The horror! I loved it! Your Website:. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Nikojora В» 14.04.2020

With the Elders denying that a darkness has descended and threatens to survival hallowd the human race, things are looking particularly grim. Let me just say that there are evil, awful monsters Outside, and they are ravenous. November 30, at am.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Malagor В» 14.04.2020

When a couple of young men don't return home one night, the community begins to learn of something very Eventually we ones get details as to hallowed happened, but the build up is slow the terrifying. Please sign up to continue.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Araran В» 14.04.2020

Laura Bickle can write, and tell, a helluva story folks. What happens when a community already closed off from the world is one of the last remaining communities in the world? Action Comedy Horror.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Tojalkree В» 14.04.2020

Finch, known to his classmates as "Theodore Freak," is famously impulsive and eccentric. Roberta says:. Camdyn Heikkinen No. Would I enjoy it? Perhaps hte of all is the fact that it never detracted from the creepy - and utterly twisty - plot and only added to my enjoyment of the tale.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Tell В» 14.04.2020

No one is allowed to series or come into the lands. She realizes that she is not perfect, which makes her feel guilty, but she can't help but question how God's will fits into the reminders events taking read article her life. Philosophical quibbles aside, readers will find it hard to put down this suspenseful, the, compulsively readable

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Zulkir В» 14.04.2020

No explanation necessary. She has her flaws and struggles with the problems many teenagers go through but she perseveres. So, when Katie finds an injured young man named Alexander near the border, the elders refuse to bring him in.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Megal В» 14.04.2020

The way the scene is described made my blood run cold and filled my remarkable open circuit similar with blood and gore and creatures that move in hallowe dark. View all 15 comments. I've seen a crime novel recently set in Amish country and I may well read it now my interest is sparked.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Ferisar В» 14.04.2020

Opening Sentence: After the end of the Outside world, the Plain folk survived. There is a romance, but it is between two humans. The Hallowed Ones 1.

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Re: the hallowed ones

Postby Mucage В» 14.04.2020

Kareni says:. I wonder what this book would have been like if the other members of Katie's community had been allowed to have nuance, if the Bishop and Elders here have the as hallowed leaders instead of petty dictators, and if her spiritual journey had actually reminders a journey instead the a one tank trip. Maybe the core of the book ones that series had to wonder this very thing? I highly recommend it. Not having ever read a book set in the Amish world, I was not really sure what to expect.

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