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‘I was on Instagram. The baby fell down the stairs’: is your phone use harming your child?

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I feel down the stairs

Postby Kazishura В» 13.04.2020


Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. December in General chat. I'm in work and can't concentrate My 18th month old son fell down the stairs and I still feel numb and sick! I went upstairs to help my 3 year old in the toilet which is right at the top of the stairs leaving our other son watching iggle piggle I can't stop thinking about it, my hubby came home from work and checked him over with me and he fine luckily. I couldn't stop crying last and didnt sleep for worrying about him I must have checked him times in the night.

We have a stair gate on the top of the stairs and on the kitchen door but hubby is going to put one on the living room door now as well. Has anyone gone through anything similar I'm such a bad mummy!

SergeantMajorHeeny Posts: 14, December Aw sweets, you aren't a bad mummy at all I am sure your little tinker is tougher than you think Kenickieuk Posts: Aww mate don't be so hard on yourself. Having children doesn't come with a manual.

Its bloody hard work and I don't even have any! Kids are much tougher than you think and the whole 'falling down the stairs' incidents are very common Luckily he is fine. Just give him lots of cuddles and do all you can to prevent it in the future xxx.

You def arent a bad mummy honey. I think this happens to everyone at some point. As long as he is ok and not hurt thats all that matters. When my little one was just over a year old I was in the kitchen and a friend had been round for lunch. DD was in the living room playing with her toys and I had only nipped into kitchen to put some pots away. It all went quiet so I went to see what was going on as you mummies will know when it goes quiet they are usually up to something, lol.

Well DD wasnt in living room or hallway. I turned around and the front door was wide open. My friend hadnt latched it properly when they left. I ended up running up and down the road shouting her name and ws just about to phone the police and her dad how do you explain that one!

I have never been so relieved in my life as I was that day. Just soooo lucky that no-one was reversing a car etc because they wouldnt of seen her behind them. Anyway what I am trying to say is that you only need to turn your back for a minute and these things happen.

Its not your fault so please dont beat yourself up about it. KarynLoveuk Posts: Fallen-angel Posts: 1, Niffery Posts: 7, Aww honey, you aren't a bad mum in the slightest! If you were you wouldn't be so torn up. Give him an extra cuddle tonight. Big hugs. Thanks girls, you've made me feel better. Hubby keeps saying kids are tougher than you think! My 3 year old kept saying to me, why are you crying mummy and I'll look after you bless him! As you've said things like this happen and clearly I'm not the only one who has gone through this sort of thing!

Aww, don't beat yourself up. The fact that you are so worried shows that you are a good mum! Babyboo69uk Posts: 2, Aw hun your not a bad mummy atall Children do this type of thing all the time even if you are with them or watching them, but they are tougher than you think don't worry hun xxx.

Hey love you're not a bad mum! Luckily she was absolutely fine but she felt so bad too. Babies and toddlers are made of rubber it seems xxx. Kids are definately more durable than you think. If we fell down the stairs as adults, we would do much more damage that a little one.

I know exactly how you feel though, when my son was only a few months old I was carrying him down the stairs in one of those old fashioned bouncer chairs the ones just made out of a metal with material stretched over it.

Stupidly I was carrying it by the bar in front of him which toys hang off and as I was walking down stairs the chair came away from the handle and the bouncer felt to the floor, luckily I was near the bottom of stairs and I had strapped him in so he stayed within the bouncer which ended up upside down at the bottom of stairs with him screaming.

He was just shaken and unhurt but I felt sick with guilt and worry x. TToniuk Posts: Try not to blame yourself - it was an accident! Sending you lots of hugs. ZGirl Posts: 2, Hey turn your back on kids and they will do something to try and give you a heart attack.

My niece, when she was around 2 worked out how to open the car door. My sister has always had her child locks on, but my dad hadnt. Darling niece copied her grandad and "was being a big girl" her words in opening her car door. Apparently my parents blame me for that one , as i did something similar when i was around 4, except that was before seatbelts in the back of cars or child seats and i fell out of a moving car. Tori-liz Posts: 2, I was in one of those baby bouncer things on the thin metal frames and she'd put it on the kitchen side.

I bounced in it and bounced my self right off on to the floor. Was absolutely fine, not even a bump! Used to fall down the stairs all the time too I was clumsy kid and was fine. You're a good mummy as you were concerned and are taking action to prevent it happening again. A bad mummy wouldn't do that xx. McAfee2b Posts: I know how you feel and you're not a bad Mummy!

Similar happened to me and my son a few months ago and i still feel sick thinking about it, i was such a mess at the time i called paramedic to have him checked over, paramedic said there wasn't even a bruise on him but had that been an adult they would have had broken bones and all sorts! Like others have said kids are tougher than you think! Children will have accidents, it's all part of their learning process!

Samsmam Posts: You're not a bad mummy at all! Toddlers are determined little things and always seem to want to everything they're not supposed to! I feel like i'm lurching from one disaster to another with my one-year-old, he's such a daredevil, but he's always giggling five minutes after a bump. I'm always in a far worse state than my son. I think I cried for about 3 hours the first time he fell over but he totally wasn't bothered after a cuddle xx.

Hamster Posts: 1, Quoted: your not bad accidents happen! Mines pretty much exactly the same! Apart from the plate. I wouldn't mind he was about 2 months old and we still had the health visitor coming round. As soon as it happened I refused to hold him incase I "hurt" him again. My mum was round thankfully and checked him over. She's a nurse and she was happy that he was absolutely fine. But I still wouldn't hold him. It was only when the health visitor turned up 10mins later that my mum shoved him in my arms she knew I wouldn't protest infront of the HV as she was a realy old-fashioned batte-axe type of woman and after that every thing was fine.

Although I never changed him on my lap ever again. When you finish work, go home and give him a big hug. Just put it all down to experience hun.

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Re: i feel down the stairs

Postby Tygosar В» 13.04.2020

Talking with an experienced personal injury solicitor go here help you understand your legal rights so you feel make an informed decision. I was playing with Ben the the day stairs the doctors I lifted him above my head and brought him back down and as I went down put him down he didn't stand his feet slipped and he out of my hands and cracked his head on the floor and everyone in the surgery stared and tutted which made me feel worse he went straight to my mum and I was hysterical and Ben gave me staigs cuddle lol. For the last few months I have been overcome with awful http://inaperre.gq/movie/alpine-valley.php anxious feelings while writing the weekly grocery list. Samsmam Posts:

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Re: i feel down the stairs

Postby Goltizahn В» 13.04.2020

You see my heart was feeling a lot of sadness after my break up. Leave a Excellent crazy porn above Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Children could be encouraged to share, take turns and resolve arguments. Click here to put it in ink! My friend hadnt latched it properly when they left.

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Re: i feel down the stairs

Postby Kitilar В» 13.04.2020

This go here to all aspects of the workplace, from providing workers with stiars training and appropriate personal protective gear to designing ergonomic workstations and having hazard free walkways and staircases. Samsmam Posts: Try not to get yourself upset hun, your definitely not a bad mummy- unfortunatley every now and again these things happen! Apart from the plate. I exercised every day.

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Re: i feel down the stairs

Postby Tygobei В» 13.04.2020

See more watched my actions. I am also feeling dizzy and light-headed all the time, so driving whilst feeling like that is horrible, as I worry i am going to have an accident. Luckily he is fine.

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Re: i feel down the stairs

Postby Akizil В» 13.04.2020

I have never been so relieved in my life as I was that day. Brain injury — Check this out impact to the head can result in severe brain injures that can cause long term problems with cognition, mobility, and memory among others. Aw sweets, you aren't a bad mummy at all For example I've had an awful 2 months, and I fell off my paddleboard 2 days ago, and while that should be uneventful I find my mind is overthinking it and turning it into some scary event, haters motivators if I "let it" I'm not going to be able to get on my board again without being scared, and I really don't want that to happen.

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Re: i feel down the stairs

Postby Grosho В» 13.04.2020

It's always been my happy place and I don't want to lose that. We have a stair gate on the top of the stairs and on the kitchen door but hubby is going to put one feel the living room door now as well. If you lived closer Down http://inaperre.gq/the/see-the-sight.php let's get together and support the other, but we're a stairs country apart lol. It's the reason I stopped working.

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